Archives – 2018


Here are all the 2018 award winners:

Club Awards
Club Person: April Donnelly
Outstanding Club Member: Scott Parsonage
Personality: Nigel Leaver
Sportsmanship: Mary Ontiveros
Veteran Player: John Harris
Senior Leading Goal Scorer: Annemieke Verstraten
Goalkeeper of the Year: Andy Conner

Comag Matamata Swifts
Player of the Year – Jamie Baxter
Players’ Player – Brayden Lissington
Most Consistent all-round Player – Dwayne Signal
Most Improved – Karam Singh
Leading Goal Scorer – Jamie Baxter

Challenge Matamata Swifts Ladies
Player of the year: April Donnelly
Players player: Maggie Leaver
Most Improved: Gemma Watson
Best Trainer: Bobbie Basalaj
Top goal scorer: Annemieke Verstraten

Waharoa Transport Matamata Swifts Reserves
Player of the Year – Jayden Reeve
Players’ Player – Ronan Costello
Most Improved – Adam Harris
Leading Goal Scorer – Ronan Costello

Camel Kebab Swifts 3rd Team
Player of the Year – Peter Challis
Players’ Player – Andy Conner
Team Man – Chris Bedford
Most Improved – Sam Tompsett
Top Goal Scorer – John Harris

Golden Boot (5 goals or more)

11 – J Harris (3rd)
11 – S Richardson (3rd)
11 – A Verstraten (Ladies)
10 – R Costello (Res/3rd)
9 – J Baxter (1st)
7 – R Graumans (Ladies)
7 – B Lissington (1st)
7 – B West (1st)
5 – C Bedford (3rd)
5 – M Leaver (Ladies)
5 – D Willemsen (1st)


COMAG Matamata Swifts

February 24 v Melville Utd (a). Kick-off: 1pm. 1-3 loss (Goal: ??).
March 3 v Claudelands Rovers (h). Mixed squad game.
March 10 v Papamoa (h). Kick-off: 2.45pm. 3-2 win (Goals: Dayne Willemsen 2, Brad West)
March 17 v Te Awamutu (a). Kick-off: 2.45pm. 2-0 win (Goals: Jamie Baxter, Hardy Rosas)
March 24 v Ngaruawahia Utd (a). Kick-off: 2.45pm. 3-3 draw (Goals: Kody Nowell 2, Dayne Willemsen)



WaiBOP Premiership - 2018

West HamiltonMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsTauranga Blue Rovers
Matamata SwiftsWaikato Unicol
Matamata SwiftsPapamoa
Melville UnitedMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsTokoroa
Tauranga BC FCMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsWanderers 3rds
Te Awamutu AFCMatamata Swifts
TaupoMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsWest Hamilton
Tauranga Blue RoversMatamata Swifts
Waikato UnicolMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsTaupo
PapamoaMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsMelville United
TokoroaMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsTauranga BC FC
Wanderers 3rdsMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsTe Awamutu AFC
OtumoetaiMatamata Swifts
Matamata SwiftsOtumoetai

Chatham Cup 2018

Matamata SwiftsNgaruawahia United


WaiBOP Premiership – 2018

2Waikato Unicol21151569195046
4Melville United22124651361540
5Tauranga BC FC21123660362436
7Te Awamutu AFC22102103530532
8Matamata Swifts22102104341232
9West Hamilton2291124542328
10Tauranga Blue Rovers2244143263-3116
12Kawerau Sports00000000
12Ngaruawahia United00000000
12Te Puke00000000
15Wanderers 3rds21002118117-990


Click here for the 2018 Matamata Swifts squad.


Waharoa Transport Swifts Reserves


March 3 v Claudelands Rovers (h). 11am. Cancelled
March 10 v Wanderers XI (h). 12.30pm. Cancelled
March 17 v Te Awamutu (a). 12.30pm. 2-2 draw (Goals: Ronan Costello, Haryi Cihan)
March 24 v Ngaruawahia Utd (a). 12.30pm. 2-3 loss (Goals: ??)



WaiBOP Championship

7/4/2018 2:45pm Ngaruawahia United (a). 0-12 loss.
14/4/2018 12:30pm Tauranga Blue Rovers Reserves (h). 5-5 draw (Goals: Ronan Costello 3, Ignacio Trias, Max Hill). More…
21/4/2018 12:30pm Waikato Unicol Reserves (h). 2-3 loss (Goals: Hayri Cihan, Ronan Costello). More…
28/4/2018 12:30pm Taupo Reserves (a). 1-2 loss (Goal: Hardy Rosas). More…
5/5/2018 12:30pm Kawerau Sports (h). 4-4 draw (Goals: Mike Smith, Jayden Reeve, OG, Ronan Costello). More…
12/5/2018 1:30pm Te Puke United (a). 1-2 loss (Goal: Mike Smith). More…
19/5/2018 12:30pm Cambridge (h). 2-0 win (Goals: Max Hill 2). More…
26/5/2018 2:45pm Bye
2/6/2018 12:30pm Otumoetai Reserves (h). 0-2 loss. More…
9/6/2018 12:30pm Ngaruawahia United (h). 2-8 loss. (Goals: Radge Avergonzado, Lawrence Clothier). More…
16/6/2018 12:30pm Tauranga Blue Rovers Reserves (a). 3-4 loss. (Goals: Kieran Burgess, Radge Avergonzado 2). More…
23/6/2018 12:30pm Waikato Unicol Reserves (a). 3-3 draw. (Goals: Ronan Costello 2, Hayri Cihan). More…
30/6/2018 12:30pm Taupo Reserves (h). 1-4 loss. (Goal: Kieran Burgess). More…
7/7/2018 2:45pm Kawerau Sports (a). 0-8 loss. More…
14/7/2018 12:30pm Te Puke United (h). 0-2 loss. More…
21/7/2018 2:45pm Cambridge (a). 1-2 loss. (Goal: Lawrence Clothier). More…
28/7/2018 12:30pm Bye
4/8/2018 12:30pm Otumoetai Reserves (a). 2-2 draw. (Goals: Rob Cox, Radge Avergonzado). More…


WaiBOP Championship – 2018

1Ngaruawahia United16131270145640
2Kawerau Sports16103356272933
3Waikato Unicol Res1684438261228
4Taupo Res169163432228
5Tauranga Blue Rovers Res167273841-323
6Te Puke166282642-1620
7Otumoetai Res165472231-919
8Cambridge Res1621131550-357
9Matamata Res1614112866-387


Challenge Matamata Swifts Ladies

March 25 v Te Aroha (a). Kick-off: 11am. 4-0 win (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten 4).


Waikato Ladies A Division

10/6/2018 11:00 West Hamilton United (h). 2-8 loss. (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten 2). More…
17/6/2018 11:00 Claudelands Rovers (h). 2-3 loss. (Goals: Gemma Watson, Maggie Leaver). More…
24/06/2018 11:00 NUSC Fiasco (h). 0-0 draw. More…
01/07/2018 11:00 Hamilton Wanderers (a). 5-3 win. (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten 3, Jess Greenfield, Kerrie Cox). More…
08/07/2018 11:00 Melville Epics (h). Waikato Plate. 2-1 win. (Goals: Maggie Leaver, OG). More…
15/07/2018 11:00 Cambridge (a). 0-0 draw. More…
22/07/2018 11:00 West Hamilton United (a). 0-5 loss. More…
29/07/2018 11:00 Claudelands Rovers (a). 3-1 win. (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten 2, Katie Morrison). More…
05/08/2018 11:00 NUSC Fiasco (a) – POSTPONED
12/08/2018 11:00 Te Aroha (a). Waikato Plate. 2-2 draw. (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten, Kerrie Cox). Matamata won 3-1 on penalties. More…
19/08/2018 11:00 Hamilton Wanderers (h). 3-0 win (by default).
26/08/2018 11:00 NUSC Fiasco. Waikato Plate Final. 2-1 win AET. (Goals: Mary Ontiveros, Renee Graumans). More…
02/09/2018 13:00 NUSC Fiasco. 3-0 win (by default).
09/09/2018 11:00 Cambridge (h). 2-1 win. (Goals: Maggie Leaver, Maddison Stewart). More…

Waikato Ladies A1 – 2018

1West Hamilton Ladies10100049103930
2Cambridge Ladies1052330161417
3Matamata Ladies105232021-117
4Northern United Ladies92341519-49
5Claudelands Premier Ladies9117926-174
6Wanderers Ladies81071142-313


Waikato Ladies Division

8/4/2018 1:00pm Melville United (a). 0-2 loss.
15/4/2018 11:00am NUSC Fiasco (h). 5-2 win (Goals: Renee Graumans 3, Maggie Leaver, Mary Ontiveros). More…
22/4/2018 11:00am Tokoroa AFC (a). 2-2 draw (Goals: Renee Graumans, Pam Guzman). More…
29/4/2018 11:00am Hamilton Wanderers (h). 7-1 win (Goals: Annemieke Verstraten 3, Renee Graumans 2, Pam Guzman, Maggie Leaver). More…
6/5/2018 BYE
13/5/2018 1:00pm NUSC Pandemonium (a). 2-3 loss (Goals: Mary Ontiveros 2). More…
20/5/2018 11:00 Cambridge (a) – Waikato Cup. 0-5 loss. More…
27/5/2018 11:00am Claudelands Rovers (h) – POSTPONED


Waikato Ladies A – 2018

1Tokoroa Ladies65101971216
2Melville Premier Ladies65013533215
3Northern United Pandemonium Ladies53029909
4Matamata Ladies5212161067
5Northern United Ladies6105617-113
6Wanderers Ladies4103725-183
7West Hamilton Ladies00000000
8Claudelands Premier Ladies4004021-210


Waikato Sunday League

15/04/18 13:00 Tetra Pak Vikings (h). 7-2 win (Goals: Jeremy Pope, Matt Aberhart, Adam Harris, Craig Henry, Rob Cox, Chris Bedford and Alastair Basalaj). More…
22/04/18 13:00 Voyle Park Rangers (a). 3-1 win (Goals: John Harris 2, Max Hill). More…
29/04/18 13:00 Marist (Scottish Cup) (h). 1-5 loss (Goal: Duran Weaver-Smith). More…
6/05/18 13:00 Maniacs (h). 4-1 win (Goals: John Harris 3, Chris Bedford). More…
13/05/18 13:00 Hamilton Masters (a). 1-1 draw (Goal: Faris Jordan). More…
20/05/18 11:00 Zig Zag (a). 4-0 win (Goals: Shaun Richardson 3, David Candy). More…
10/06/18 13:00 Cambridge Red Devils (a). 4-0 win (Goals: Shaun Richardson 2, John Harris, Chris Bedford). More…
17/06/18 11:00 Tetra Pak Vikings (a). 0-1 loss More…
24/06/18 11:00 Scottbuild Pirates (a). 3-4 loss aet (Goals: Shaun Richardson 2, Jeremy Pope). More…
1/07/18 13:00 Voyle Park Rangers (h). 1-0 win (Goal: Chris Bedford). More…
8/07/18 11:00 Maniacs (a). 2-1 win (Goals: Chris Bedford, Shaun Richardson). More…
15/07/18 13:00 Hamilton Masters (h). 10-0 win.
(Goals: John Harris 3, Shaun Richardson 2, Ronan Costello 2, Sam Tompsett, Joe Polaschek, Finn Challis). More…
29/07/18 Zig Zag (h). 4-3 win. (Goals: Harrison Taylor, John Harris, Ronan Costello, OG). More…
5/08/18 Waikato Dragons (h). 3-3 draw.
(Goals: John Harris, Hayri Cihan, Shaun Richardson). More…