Archives – 2019




Here are all the 2019 award winners:

Club Awards
Club Person – John Harris
Outstanding Club Member – Hayri Cihan
Personality – Dwayne Signal
Sportsmanship – Blair Griffiths
Veteran Player – Jamie Cox
Senior Leading Goal Scorer – Patrice Morrison
Goalkeeper of the Year – Seamus Casey

Comag Matamata Swifts
Player of the Year – Seamus Casey
Players’ Player – Seamus Casey
Most Consistent all-round Player – Bjorn Vossen
Most Improved – Hayden Turlington
Leading Goal Scorer – Chris Walker

Waharoa Transport Matamata Swifts Reserves
Player of the Year – Finn Challis
Players’ Player – Adam Harris
Most Improved – Karamjoyth Singh-Ark
Leading Goal Scorer – Ramandeep Singh

Camel Kebab Swifts 3rd Team
Player of the year – Michael Hills
Team Man – Chris Bedford
Most Improved – Josh Farrelly
Top goal scorer – Jamie Cox
Players player – Paul Weymouth

Challenge Matamata Swifts Ladies
Player of the year – Maggie Leaver
Players player – Maggie Leaver
Most Improved – Alexia Kettle
Best Trainer – Shania Stewart
Top goal scorer – Patrice Morrison

Golden Boot (5 goals or more)

19 – P Morrison (Ladies)
17 – M Leaver (Ladies)
13 – J Cox (3rd)
10 – K Cox (Ladies)
10 – C Walker (1st)
8 – M Ontiveros (Ladies)
8 – R Singh (2nd)
6 – R Costello (Res/3rds)
5 – R Avergonzado (1st/Res/3rd)


Club Awards

Top Boy: Timothy Baxendine
Top Girl: Caley van de Veen
Sportsperson of the Year: Josh Martin

Sportsmanship (chosen from the team Sportsmanship winners in each grade)
8th: Johnnee Norris
9th: Cayden Steward
10th: Leo Williams
11th: Bronson Edwards
12th: Courtney Kennedy
13th/14th: Jack Brown

Team Awards

8th Lions
Player of the Year: David Landar
Players’ Player of the Year: Nzyed Avergonzado
Most Improved Player: Lockie Ross
Sportsmanship: Kayden Carswell

8th Tigers
Player of the Year: Finn Gouk
Players Player of the Year: Oliver Bedford
Most Improved Player: Kuzey Cihan
Sportsmanship: Milton Swap

8th Leopards
Player of the Year: Miya Henderson
Most Improved: Rebekah Gillgren
Sportsmanship: Johnnee Norris
Players Player: Connor Aspinall

9th Jets
Player of the year: Casey Harris.
Players’ Player: Casey Harris.
Most improved: Kobie Panapa Pryor.
Sportsmanship: Cooper Polaschek.

9th Falcons
Player of the Year: Jake Dawson
Players Player: Blake Paling
Most Improved: Cooper Wong
Sportsmanship: Cayden Steward

10th Panthers
Player of the year: Jack Wilson & Theo Barlow
Players’ player: Kees Pryor
Sportsmanship: Leo Williams
Most improved: Ryley Bruce

11th Magpies
Players player: Patrick Brown
Player of the year: Zeb Mataitoga
Sportsmanship: Bronson Edwards
Most improved: Jack Tomlinson

12th Eagles
Player of the year: Caley van de Veen
Player’s Player: Josh Martin
Sportsmanship: George O’Callaghan
Most Improved: Loki Goudswaard

U12 Vixens
Player of the year: Molly Hills
Player’s player: Esther James
Most improve: Heidi Roberts
Sportsmanship: Courtney Kennedy

13th/14th Dragons
Player of the year: Timothy Baxendine
Players player: Fletcher van Heuven
Sportsmanship: Jack Brown
Most improved: Cameron Bruce