The Management Committee wants to achieve a common vision for the club which everyone understands and to which everyone feels they can commit to. This will, ultimately, allow the management committee to make the best decisions for the club with everyone’s interests in mind.

To do this we need to get as much feedback and involvement as possible.

Click here for an outline of the workshop.

This workshop is also open to anyone associated with the club in any way. If you feel should either have a say or be at the workshop (or ideally both) please take this opportunity to get involved. Our scope is the entire club: juniors, youth and seniors.

Everyone on the management committee will hopefully attend the workshop, along with other key club influencers. We realise, of course, it may not necessarily be possible for everyone to be there. If you can’t make it, please still answer the survey questions in the outline document and return to Dwayne Barlow at the email address below. This information will form the basis of our discussion. The questions are of the ‘no right or wrong answer’ variety so please answer them in the way you feel is best.

For more information please contact Dwayne Barlow (Club Development Manager) on 021 993 832 or