Got a bit of time on your hands? Try these exercises while you’re locked down at home.


Exercise #1 // PASSING

Practice your passing over short distances. How many points can you get from 5 passes?


  • Gold: 18 points
  • Silver: 13 points
  • Bronze: 8 points


Exercise #2 // DRIBBLING

Dribble in different directions while working on your touch and balance. How quickly can you go round the circuit without touching the cones?


  • Gold: Less than 20 seconds
  • Silver: Less than 25 seconds
  • Bronze: Less than 30 seconds


Exercise #3 // TURNING

Work on quick changes of direction in small spaces. How quickly can you do six laps?


  • Gold: Less than 11 seconds
  • Silver: Less than 14 seconds
  • Bronze: Less than 18 seconds


Exercise #4 // SHOOTING

Work on your shooting accuracy over a short distance. How many points can you get from five shots?


  • Gold: 20 points
  • Silver: 14 points
  • Bronze: 10 points


Exercise #5 // JUGGLING

Work on your control of the football. How many juggles can you do in three goes?


  • Gold: 15 juggles
  • Silver: 10 juggles
  • Bronze: 5 juggles
  • Once you’ve mastered juggling in three goes, see how many you can get in two goes then in one go.


These exercises are borrowed from NZ Football’s McDonald’s Skills Zone Challenge.