We are pleased to announce our junior 8th to 13th grade teams for the 2018 season (see below). Thank you to everyone for registering in a timely manner, attending grading and for your patience over the last couple of weeks as we’ve put these teams together.

Please contact the club here if you have any questions about your child’s team placement this year.


We have extra players this season, which means extra teams. That also means we need a few extra coaches/managers to help look after our teams. Please contact us at admin@matamataswifts.com if this is something you’d be interested in helping out with. Full support and training is available so we’ll help you every step of the way.

Holiday Programme

Our April School Holiday programme will run from Monday April 16 to Wednesday April 18 at the Matamata Domain. Players can register for one, two or all three days. This is an excellent opportunity for players to hone their skills before the season starts. Players can find out more information and sign up right here.


Our Mini-Kickers programme begins on Saturday April 7. Click here for more information.

Development Philosophy

Click here for the club’s Development Philosophy, Parent’s Code of Conduct and Footballer’s Code of Conduct.

2018 8th to 13th grade teams

Here are our teams for 2018. You’ll note that we still need coaches for several teams. We are actively looking to fill these vacancies but if you would like to help your child’s team either as a coach or manager please contact admin@matamataswifts.com.

NOTE: some players may have been moved either up or down a grade. This has been done to allow for full playing squads and to ensure players compete at the appropriate level.

Please contact the club here if you have any questions about your child’s team placement this year.

The season begins on Saturday May 5. Parents will be contacted by their child’s coach in due course to arrange training times. We have an interim contact person listed for teams that don’t yet have a coach. You may contact that person (or admin@matamataswifts.com) with any questions.


12th/13th Grade

NOTE: We’re still waiting on player confirmation from the college. This means the 12th/13th grade sides may be altered over the next week or so.

12th/13th Grade Dragons
Damon Shaw
Anshil Dayal
Kristian Evdokimov
Jack Rawiri
Grayson Constable
Catherine Hardie
Milana Tapper
Joel Harris
Grayson Johnson
Timothy Baxendine
Fletcher van Heuvan
Coach: TBC
Interim contact: John Harris – harfam@gmail.com

12th/13th Grade Tigers
Zachary Foster
Wyatt Winke
Cameron Bartley
Jordan Baker
Emma McLean
Kaden Dean
Brodie Rooney
Benjamin De Goeij
Connor Verstraten
Fletcher Lugton
Samuel Bay
Hubert Van Der Linde
Coach: TBC
Interim contact: Jan Winke – winkesinnz@live.com

11th Grade Eagles
Charlotte Salisbury
George O’Callaghan
Haydn Logie
Jason Li
Nathan Barlow
Josh Martin
Caley van de Veen
Luke Greenwood
Nathan Quinn
Harrison Smith
Dillon Kelpe
Liam Costello-McVeigh
Coaches: Kerrie Cox & Ronan Costello
Contact: kerrie@waikatostud.co.nz

11th Grade Magpies
Ryden Hughes
Lucas Reece-Eriepa
Jack Moon
Joel Bussey
Loki Goudswaard
Jacob Fraser
Luke Mes
Kreesh Sharma
Hayden Pull
Jack Hyslop
Jayden Smith
Brayden Galloway
Hunter Taylor
Coaches: Patrice & Jordan Morrison
Contact: pzadamson@gmail.com

10th Grade Vixens
Heidi Roberts
Greta Casey
Molly Hills
Charlotte Swap
Olivia Farmiloe
Courtney Kennedy
Cleo Holmes
Marika Kane
Holly Russell
1 spot available
Coach: Mike & Rosie Hills
Contact: HL@matcol.nz

9th Grade Panthers
Kees Pryor
Joaquin Tanner
Ryley Bruce
Carlos Kaukau
Lucas Smith
Alan Li
Theodore Barlow
Josh Hawke
Leonardo Williams
Quinn Sinclair
Coaches: Dwayne Barlow & Cliff Williams
Contact: dwayne@dbmm.co.nz

9th Grade Jets
Isaac Baxendine
Rilyn Haumu
Emma Smitstra
Cooper Polaschek
Bronson Edwards
Toby Greenwood
Lochie Aspinall
Kobie Panapa-Pryor
Casey Harris
Caiden Gillett
Coaches: Piety Smitstra & Teresa Harris
Contact: wsps@xtra.co.nz

8th Grade Falcons
Cayden Steward
Cooper Wong
George Swap
Jake Dawson
Mason Howard
Xavier Taylor
Joel Baxendine
Dawson Smith
Coach: TBC
Interim Contact: Dwayne Barlow – dwayne@dbmm.co.nz

8th Grade Ravens
Olive Tapper
Bree Wilson
Zowie Houghton
Kaelyn Armistead
Katarina Cashell
Shyla Haumu
1-2 spots are still available
Coach: TBC
Interim Contact: Dwayne Barlow – dwayne@dbmm.co.nz