We are pleased to release the make-up of our 8th to 13th/14th Grade junior teams for the 2020 season.

You can click HERE for the team lists (lists updated on May 29).

Please note:

  • Some children have been moved up or down a grade. This is due to the numbers in the respective age groups, particularly for the older children.
  • We have attempted to accommodate all requests, especially where having children in the same team will help with transport. Given the current circumstances, we are also happy to listen to any further requests. Please contact us asap.
  • There are several teams with places available for more players. Please let us know if your child is in one of these teams and has a friend who could be interested in playing.
  • We have had issues with our online registration system this season, so please contact us if your child is not on a team list.
  • You can contact Dwayne Barlow (dwayne@dbmm.co.nz) if you have any queries about any of this.

Coaches: Some of the teams already have coaches, while some don’t. You’ll be contacted, either by your coach or by a club representative with more information.

Season Start: The start of the season is scheduled for June 13.