We are pleased to announce our Junior 8th to Open grade teams for the 2016 season. See the lists at the bottom of the article.

The teams took a little longer than expected to get organised due to the mix of playing numbers and player ages this year. “It was more challenging than usual this year as the numbers didn’t line up perfectly across all the age grades,” said Junior selection convenor, John Harris. “We think we’ve come up with teams that are balanced across all the grades, but we did have to move a number of players into different grades to help make the numbers work.

“We were also conscious of WaiBOP’s new girls only leagues, and the expectation of entering teams in those leagues. Unfortunately, again, the numbers didn’t quite work because had we fielded a girls only side then we’d have been well short on players for our other teams.”

Registration, grading and selection involved a big effort from the club’s junior sub-committee this year. “From getting everyone registered online, to grading, to the various selection meetings and discussions, it’s been quite a busy period for a number of people,” said John. “Thankfully we’re just about ready now and we can all look forward to playing some football.”

The club is still on the look out for coaches for several teams. We offer full support, including covering the cost of coach development training, so if you’re interested in getting involved as a coach please contact John here.

Please read through all the teams below and check if your child’s name is there. If your child has been mistakenly left out, or if you have any other queries about team selection, please contact the club at this email address (as per our Parent’s Code of Conductclick here then scroll down).


2016 Matamata Swifts Junior Teams

Note: individual team pages will be updated soon. Coaches will be in direct contact with the players to organise training days and times.


1. Henderson, Braedyn
2. Benefield, Will
3. Hills, Samuel
4. Griffiths, Jordan
5. Harris, Adam
6. James, Edward
7. Ganas, Seth Anthony
8. d’Abo, Ryan
9. Baker, Jayden
10. Landar, Crisrick
11. Hunter‐Martin, Jayden
Coach: John Harris.

1. Campbell, Rhys
2. Garrett, Dante
3. Pickering, Samuel
4. Cox‐Milne, Ashley
5. Hunt, Madison
6. Richardson, Matthew
7. Louch, William
8. Walker, Josiah
9. Haumu, Nikhil
10. Logie, Hunter
11. Crispe, Logan
Coach: still required.


1. Shaw, Damon
2. Benefield, Reilly
3. Dayal, Anshil
4. Fannin, Jake
5. Donderwinkel, Oscar
6. Evdokimov, Kristian
7. Rawiri, Jack
8. Hardie, Catherine
9. Harris, Joel
10. Brown, Dylan
Coach: Gareth Fannin

1. Walton, Jessica
2. Landar, Ericka
3. Good, Ashlyn
4. Du Preez, Cassidy
5. Cox‐Milne, Logan
6. Winke, Wyatt
7. Foster, Zachary
8. Baker, Jordan
9. De Goeij, Benjamin
10. Griffits, Michael
11. Bay, Samuel
Coach: still required.


1. Tapper, Milana
2. Schuler, Seth
3. Rooney, Brodie
4. Benefield, Jay
5. Martin, Joshua
6. Baxendine, Timothy
7. Costello‐McVeigh, Liam
8. Tims, Jack
9. Ganas, Inosh Andrew
10. Donderwinkel, Jackson
Coach: Roger Tims.


1. Logie, Haydn
2. Li, Jason
3. Barlow, Nathan
4. Smith, Harrison
5. Quinn, Nathan
6. Ritai, Cayden
7. Sharma, Kreesh
8. Mataitoga, Zebulun
9. Power, Jack
Coach: Dwayne Barlow.

1. Scott, Jamie
2. Hills, Molly
3. Salisbury, Charlotte
4. Berg, Charleigh
5. Marsh, Alexander
6. Baukema, Lucas
7. Suisted, Jaimee
8. van de Veen, Caley
9. Berg, Sterling
10. Assen, Eloise
Coach: still required.


1. Donderwinkel, Ryan
2. Rawiri, Jed
3. Baxendine, Isaac
4. Mahood, Hayden
5. To be confirmed.
6. To be confirmed.
7. To be confirmed.
Coach: still required.


Mini-Kickers begins at 9am on Saturday May 7. Players will receive full information when they arrive at the Matamata Domain then.